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For Support of the Arm and Shoulder.

Cuff and Collar Sling

ADVANTAGES: Easy to apply, simple to adjust, washable, and reasonably priced.
INDICATIONS: Arm slings are indicated in the treatment of bone, muscular or ligament injuries to the hand, arm, elbow, or shoulder; or where arm support is required following surgical or nonsurgical correction (especially in conjunction with a cast or brace). Arm slings are often used in emergency room or first aid situations to support a fracture or dislocation awaiting physician intervention.
PRECAUTIONS: Patients should not wear arm slings longer than prescribed by a physician.
 APPLICATION CONSIDERATIONS: The arm should be relaxed when applied. Tension (shrugging of the shoulder) during fitting should not occur.


Child    Small    Medium    Large

Without Arm Pads 

With Arm Pads

Sold in packages of three - all one size, or mixed - one each of small, medium and large. 
Please indicate with or without pads.


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