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For Midshaft Fractures of the Humeral

I-Plus System Humeral Fracture Brace™

ADVANTAGES: Reduction in time needed for return to normal by decreasing time required for rehabilitation (exercises can be started with the brace in place), less muscular atrophy and increased range of motion. No exposed edges against the skin. It's waterproof and radiotransparent.
INDICATIONS: The Humeral Fracture Brace™ can be applied to midshaft fractures of the humerus. Due to its unique design, the brace can be moved along the length of the humerus for maximum fixation.
PRECAUTIONS: As with other non-invasive methods of treatment, this splint does not prevent shortening. The  Humeral Fracture Brace, as with any other functional bracing system, requires patient compliance.
APPLICATION CONSIDERATIONS: The braces should be  applied following fracture reduction to maintain alignment. Patented bi-valved design interlaces instead of overlapping, creating a custom fit -even as swelling reduces.  


Measure the circumference of the arm at the bicep bulge.

Description Inches Centimeters
Pediatric < 4.5" < 11cm
Child 4.5"-6" 11-15cm
Small 6"-9"


Medium 9"-12" 23-30cm
Large 12"-15" 30-38cm
Extra Large 15"-19" 38-48cm

Each I-Plus System Fracture Brace comes with one Cuff and Collar Sling, two stockinettes, one physical rehabilitation schedule, and one instruction sheet.


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